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I have a new sketch book !! ε-(´∀`; )


Chiaki nanami from Dangan ronpa

it’s a gift for Mufu-rii! I love her drawings and I love (like her) Dangan Ronpa and Phoenix Wright (Gyakuten Saiban) so I told myself “HOLLYFCK I MUST DRAW  EMA-CHAN-SAMA OR NANAMI-CHAN-SAMA FOR HER” 

Don’t hit me just because I forgot the accessories I’m just really lazy ~ ;w;

fcking english

THIS IS SO PRECIOUS OMG IM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH YOUR NANAMI IS SUPER CUTE  You don’t know how much I like your art ♥ I don’t deserve this aaa this is so beautiful ;; You’re such a sweetheart asdfghjkl I’m so touched (´;3 ;)  Thank you very much Empresscutie, I will treasure your drawing !! AND SORRY FOR THE CRAPPY DOODLE IDK WHAT TO DRAW SO I JUST RANDOMLY DREW MY OC  

Drawing dump 


Older Luke taking care of Alfendi when Layton isn’t at home (◕ᴗ◕✿)

Even our despair queen can be sad… (it’s transparent)

Tateyama Kenjirou & Kisaragi Momo 

A little drawing for Yui ♥